Top 10 Social Media Sites To Get You Entertained

Social networking has grown from 2004 when Facebook started till date. I want to introduce you to the top 10 social media sites that can get you entertained.

It is actually fun to be on social media. My first girlfriend introduced me to Facebook in 2009. I got addicted because I saw a lot of opportunities that could unravel out of the social network.

Apart from Facebook, there are other fun social media sites that you can try out. Probably you are fed up with the most popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

You may want to check out the new and fun ones that you have been missing for some time now.

Top 10 Social Media Sites

  1. Facebook: The most popular among the top 10 social media sites. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook helps to connect people worldwide.
  2. Twitter: Twitter helps to get news about any topic or popular figures using the hashtag (#).
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking site just like facebook but for business connections.
  4. Google Plus: Google plus like we all know is a social network owned by Google.
  5. Ovation Hall: Ovation Hall is a new social network that is hoping to be very successful just like Facebook.
  6. Instagram
  7. Tumblr: Tumblr apart from being a social media site, is for setting up personal blogs (not self-hosted).
  8. Pinterest: Pinterest is a photo sharing site. It usually is for pinning items you enjoy for later use. This works like the Save to Profile feature on Facebook.
  9. Flikr: Flikr is solely used for sharing photos.
  10. Periscope: Periscope is for sharing live videos.

Which Social Media Site Do You Enjoy?

I am pretty sure that you have checked out all the above. Did you try out Ovation Hall too? It is one social network that I have enjoyed personally. It is quite similar to Facebook, but the interface looks quite different.

Just like Facebook wants to connect the world, This social media site connects mostly friends. In the fact that, Facebook is now bloated. We have a lot of friends we don’t actually know in real life.

Ovation Hall can be used to connect friends in real life.

I would be glad to hear from you which of the top 10 social media sites you enjoy most. Let me hear that in the comment box.

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